Sheer Ideas - Using Voiles and Sheers for Bay Windows

Although dating back originally to medieval times , Bay windows became really  popular in the British Isles during the Victorian and Edwardian period starting around the 1890's . Bays can add an amazing focul point to a room if dressed to emphasise the style of the window and  its shape  . They can make a room appear larger, and provide views of the outside world  which would be unavailable with an ordinary flat window . Bays are  found in many different types of home from large detached period homes through to terraced houses, semi's and flats . They can be curved or angled ....

Why use Sheers to dress a Bay ...? 

Sheers and voiles offer a relatively inexpensive way to create stunning window dressing effects for larger windows, and particularly Bays. The soft flow and drape of a sheer or semi sheer fabric compliments the curves and angles of a bay window and in many cases may be the only form of window covering needed. If the window is overlooked of course, a 'double layered ' effect is often used , with a soft sheer on the under layer closest to the window - and with heavier Lined Curtains on the outer layer , which can be pulled across the window to 'blackout' the window during the evening . 
To give you some inspiration for dressing your own Bay window we have scoured  our Sheer Ideas  'Look Book' and found some fabulous looks  , that you can create quickly and easily for yourself or adapt to suit your own room or style .....

1. Sweet Simplicity 

Full length semi sheer panels used to maximum effect on a period Bay Window using a curved pole and elegant pencil pleat headed panels. Simple elegance which dresses the window but does not impede the lovely view - perfection . 

2. Formal and Fabulous 

The elegance of the high embellished  ceilings in this period Edwardian home is perfectly complimented by full height sheers which cover both the angled bay and return back onto the side walls on each side to create a stunning feature and make the window look larger . Note how the extra fullness of the sheers provides excellent privacy , whilst maintaining light and airiness in the space . 


3. Shabby Chic 

 This angled 3 window bay with beautiful original sash windows has been made over  at minimal expense using ready made 'mid drop' panels and hung on a simple wire attached to each window individually. The low slung ties add a casual finish and a little drama to an otherwise very simple to achieve treatment


4. To boldly go ....

Pick a colour , any colour , one that's bold , vibrant  and that you love , and paint it onto the wall immediately against the bay . Contrast striking furniture pieces and accessories and sheer white voile at the window, and hey presto ! 

5. Clean and functional 

An ideal way to treat opening doors, Bi folds and full height Bays in a functional work environment . Simple , efficient and elegant - these white sheers have plenty of fullness to give privacy without blocking light - and the Tempo Ripple heading adds a stylishly contoured look 


6. Room with a View 

If you have a stunning view- the last thing you want to do is cover it with formal curtains and blinds ! This hits just the right spot - adding softness and elegance to this huge bay , whilst maintaining the view to the garden. Use extra wide panels of voile on such a large window to create this opulent yet very understated look.  Simply stunning !



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